Winds of a land of winds

Winds of a land of winds


"Vientos de tierra de vientos" ("Winds of a land of winds") is a self-produced musical album aimed at both recovering some of the more distinctive tones, textures and rhythms of the Andean region and unveiling part of the fascinating musical and instrumental heritage that still runs through the veins of Latin American lands.

The album, in which a single musician plays over 50 wind, percussion and string Andean instruments, includes nine tracks featuring traditional repertoire plus three original songs. All those instruments (a tiny fraction of the existing ones) have been performed conserving, as far as possible, traditional patterns and manners, either native (pre-Hispanic), mestizo or modern.

This website provides information on the different instruments performed and the songs recorded as well as a range of complementary materials (all of them in Spanish). In addition, all the tracks can be downloaded.

About the author

Edgardo Civallero (Buenos Aires, 1973) is a wind instruments player and composer who has been performing research on Andean folk sounds for more than two decades. At present he lives in Spain where he has embarked himself on the enterprise to help spread and promote the culture of the Andes through his musical works, educational activities and digital magazine "Land of winds".

Contact: edgardocivallero (at) gmail (dot) com

The songs

Here is a list of the tracks, each one provided with the rhythm, style, author/arrangement, and a link for download/listen an .mp3 version.

01 - Tierra de vientos [Land of winds]
(Sikuri of Italaque) - E. Civallero

02 - Lucero del alba [Morning star]
(Yarawi - Wayñu) - E. Civallero

03 - Akulliku
(Composition for charango - Jach’a sikuri) - J.J. Laura - Arr. E. Civallero

04 - Cae la noche, sopla el viento [The night falls, the wind blows]
(Danzante) - A. de Robertis - Arr. E.Civallero

05 - La cigarra [The cicada]
(Air of cueca) - D. Montes - Arr. E. Civallero

06 - Selección de huaynos [Selection of huaynos]
(Poutpourri of wayñus) - "Sucre" (trad.), "Brujushja huayta" (trad.), "Mi pobreza" (D.R.) and "Tupac Amaru" (R. Rivera) - Arr. E. Civallero

07 - Alma aymara [Aymara soul]
(Poutpourri of tarkeadas and lichiwayus) - "Kusi huaynas" (trad.), "Lichiwayu" (trad.) and "Flor de rosa" (trad.) - Arr. E. Civallero

08 – Ecuadormanta [From Ecuador]
(Poutpourri of sanjuanitos) - "Quiquinmanta" (D.R.), "Longuita" (D.R.), "Sanjuanito triste" (D.R.), "San Juanito" (P. Rodríguez) and "Mamita" (Ch. Perugachy) - Arr. E. Civallero

09 - Lluvia en la puna [Rain in the highlands]
(Air of baguala) - E. Civallero

10 - Morenadas
(Poutpourri of morenadas) - Palapa (J.L. Gamboa) and Morenada de los Sapos (G. Vargas) - Arr. E. Civallero

11 - Flor de Mamiña [Flower of Mamiña]
(Andean saya) - O. Sepúlveda - Arr. E. Civallero

12 – Jamás [Never]
(Wayñu - Fusion) - Alejandro Zárate - Arr. E. Civallero


This CD is distributed under the terms of a Creative Commons by-nc-nd 4.0 international license.